When is enough enough?

5. May 2019 Off By Justus Zeemann

When is enough enough?
And why I asked myself this question!

Since mid to end of 2017 my life is getting a little better every day. I am successful with my business and I work a lot on myself and my views on all different topics. Most of the things I’m serious about are getting successful, the relationships with the people around me are getting more and more intense and financially it looks good too. In addition, I “shape” my body every day, a little less than I wanted, but enough for a noticeable progress.

But besides all these great facts, there was one point that left me with no peace. He was a constant companion in my thoughts, feelings, and decisions:

When I wasn’t working I had the feeling of “not doing enough”. When I did funny things which I should enjoy, I had the thought of that I should work instead to archive more. So I didn’t really enjoy them.
And when I was working, I was very hard-working and still had the feeling that it was not enough.
By eliminating fixed working hours and the ability to work always and everywhere, there were no real free times anymore. The feeling of “I should work” was thereby also strengthened. A fact that you should take a closer look at the whole “freedom” of being a digital nomad or freelancer.

There was an inner turmoil as I was not in balance with “my view” on my workload. No matter how successful I was and how positive the feedback from others was – I could have done better and could do more.
I did not like that feeling and it took months to work out what I could do to get rid of it. During a mastermind session on Nomad Cruise 7 I set the following points to see how I was after the implementation and if this could be a solution:

– Make a concrete plan on how to tackle the problem.
– Talk to others about my problem.
– Write down what happens if I no longer have the problem.
– Start with the implementation today.
– Live a week as if I had already solved the problem.

To make a long story short:
Yes, these points helped me and I’ve have a much better grip on my problem since then. In addition to the points there are also many other little helpers for each day to make me feel better.
LSD for example. A little plate every second day works great!
Just kidding – I wanted to know if you still read attentively : P
Now I like to discuss the individual points and their effects.

The plan:
Here comes the title question to grasp.
“When is enough really enough”?
I wondered what I had to archive in work to make me feel like I was doing enough.
I wrote down these points freely. Then I sorted them and provided them with a date. So that the “complete” year 2019 was planned, including the events that will “keep me from working”.

The great effect sets itself up:

I knew and know exactly:
If I work off the list, I have done enough in 2019.

The list also had enough space for other projects that I can enjoy, even if I do not know them yet. As a result, I will have done more than originally written down. To say I build in a buffer.
The list contains all kinds of projects:
My everyday work.
Social and hobby/nonprofit projects.
Environmental projects.
Especially the social and environmental topics are a rock in my stomach, because the planet is changed quite a lot thanks to man… and me.

This plan has helped me a lot to relax more and also to deal with the feeling. Important point is, that it has to be done now 😀

Talk to others about my problem:
Since the topic was addressed by me in a mastermind, I spoke already with other people about it. So I looked for different people who were not in the mastermind. Some knew the problem, for others it was strange and others didn’t have an issue – they were just happy.

It helped me to talk about my problem and to open myself to the answers of others. I noticed that I am not alone and that there will be a solution. So it was a good decision to do talk to others!

Write down what happens if the problem
is gone:
I already knew the answer internally and was interested in experiencing it. But so far I hadn’t found the way to be there. Writing it down, and not just imagining, was another helpful step.
It made clear that I was be looking and finding a solution.

Start with the implementation today:

That was difficult because I was on the Nomad Cruise 7, a 13-day conference on a cruiseship that kept me busy with many other topics. So I could not just start working on the plan.
But I could start with the other steps and enjoy the things that had nothing to do with work. I would find a way to get rid of the feeling of “not doing enough” later.
Claiming doing nothing as a start is probably one of the hardest things to do if you stay at the workload topic. But it’s a great thing if you, like me, are already implementing all the other measures (creating a plan, writing down, talking about it with others, etc.).

Live a week as if the problem had already been solved:
“A bit too much for my topic,” I thought.
I have not been able to properly implement this or make any direct connection with my topic, as it is a lengthy process over months.
The plan must finally be implemented.
The feeling that I’m doing enough, even when I’m not working, has to be approved first.
I suspected that this would be a little easier on other topics and so I tried it with different points. It worked very well and also worked for the people involved (without them knowing about it).


Big steps for me. I became more free and feel more comfortable, even though I do not want to miss the “pressure” of my work.
A “life in the moment” and a “pleasure when it should be” became easier for me. My head can rest more often, and this gives the soul more place to be. And it is still a long way…

Thanks for reading!