The greatest book in my life

5. May 2019 Off By Justus Zeemann

I can’t remember exactly how I came up with the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.
Either I saw it in his book list, or he mentioned it in a Skypecall. At least Daniel Gaiswinkler is responsible. (Thank you again).

This is not a summary of the book, it is my personal experience and recommendation for you.
You will find numerous summaries on the Internet with unlimted opinions.
I worked with the book for years now and I think that every summary could be a shortcut – and shortcuts don’t work with this 😀

After my research, I knew that I had to get a version as original as possible. The German translations would not keep what the book actually promises and some other english language editions would probably write past the core.
So after some search I ended up with the 1937 English Masterpiece Edition.


There is also an even thicker english version on the market. This should probably go into even more details and stories.
I recommend the above version, because I have only read this and know what can be achieved with it.

It’s not the first self-development book I’ve read – but maybe that was a really important point.
Because of the “book overconsumption”, I had reached the point that I didn’t want to read 52 books per year, I decided to focus on only one.
First I did read the book completely to see what would happen to me.

After that I decided to work through the book slowly and deliberately from the beginning. In retrospect, it was a very good idea and I attribute a large part of my success to this time.
The book guided me through different ways of thinking and taught me to influence myself. With its help, I created a great motivation, a stronger self-confidence and a better mindset towards my fellow human beings. Contrary to the title of the book, I would not associate the “rich” primarily with the sense of material wealth. Of course, it is also about the financial success, for me, however, is the achievement of personal goals, your own growth and development. The financial benefit follows then “by itself”.

Now, if you’re wondering what the magic is in this book and what’s inside, I could write you a book about it. However, I think your time is better spent with the book itself.
Do not ask yourself whether you should sit down daily for weeks and months to always write down the same.
Do not consider whether it is worth the effort, because you already know the answer and only writing it down again and again will not change anything. Just see what happens and try it out.
Basically, you have nothing to lose.
Well, I can think of just two things you could spend your time better. And you will find one of them in the later lessons of the book also ; )

Thank you for your interest!